Archive | April, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is a time that people who are followers of Jesus celebrate when he died on the cross for us and then rose again from the dead.  This is the foundation of belief for a follower of Jesus.  What is exciting about this is that his tomb was empty so that our lives can be full!  Can you imagine?  He took on all of the emptiness of the world for all time so that we could have full abundant lives.  It is our prayer that you will experience Jesus Christ in a new and full way this Easter!

A group of about 20 people gathered to put together the Easter gifts.  It is a fun night of celebration as we carefully choose the right color bag, the perfect smelling lotion, the stationary or frame that looks the best with the rest of the colors.  Each gift is purposefully created.  We hope that you loved what you received. Please leave a comment and tell us your favorite part of your Easter gift.  Let us know what was awesome, what you could do without, any good ideas that we can add in the future.  We do this to bless you and to let you know that you are loved!