Archive | October, 2010

A Safe Place to Learn and Worship

This is a just a reminder that if you would really like to attend a church worship service, but don’t want to be judged, ignored, or looked down upon, Second Mile is the place for you.  People from all walks of life come to our church.  You can wear whatever your comfortable in… your favorite jeans or cut-off shorts.  Come sit in the back, right smack dab in the middle, or front and center.  You can come early or sneak in late.

We’ve been taking gifts to the clubs for six years now. We will continue to do so whether dancers decide to come or not. Hopefully, some of you truly know we value and pray for you!

Chocolate and Gobstoppers

We delivered four plastic pumpkins stuffed full of candy to Bunny Ranch, Candy Store, and Tens this evening. It may take a small army to finish off all that candy, or maybe just some dancers who need a sweet tooth fix.

Please know that we think about you throughout the year. You are loved!