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How To Care For Your Succulent Plant

Let’s get growing…

Succulents like dry air so they are perfect for our Tucson climate both indoors and out. Your container holds a thin layer of horticultural charcoal to sweeten the soil and help with drainage. Succulents do NOT like soggy roots so let your plant dry out thoroughly between waterings. Check your plant every week but water only as needed; maybe only a small amount every two or three weeks. TIP: If you decide to transplant your succulent as it grows larger, consider choosing a container with drainage holes.

Give succulents as much light as possible. Succulents are desert plants. They thrive in hot places with plenty of sunshine but may get sun burned if left in direct sun during our seriously hot Tucson summers. Provide afternoon shade outside. Inside, locate your succulent near a bright window but, again, watch for direct sun on the delicate leaves to prevent sun burn. TIP: An east facing window sill may be a great place for your succulent.

Succulents come in a wide range of varieties. Some thrive in indoor conditions and some do not. Typically, the greener the succulent, the greater the chance that it will survive inside. If your particular plant falls in the gray, blue, orange or purple color range, it may be more successful outside on your porch, patio or balcony. TIP: Don’t give up on your succulents if they get leggy. Snip off stems, strip the leaves, and root the leaves in potting soil. Or lay single leaves on the surface of potting soil to start a new baby succulent from the base of the each leaf.

Remember to have fun as a succulent gardener!