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Donate to Cord of Hope

Monetary donations are used to purchase gifts to take to dancers, training costs for people involved in this ministry, and any benevolent needs that may arise to dancers in the Tucson area.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Or mail your donation to:

Second Mile
Attn: Cord of Hope
5005 E Winsett St,
Tucson, AZ 85711

Donate gifts to be used in bags including, but not limited to nail polish, jewelry, lip gloss, scented lotions, candles, bath items, spa items, small holiday items, stationary, magnets, etc.

Prayer: Prayer provides the foundation for this ministry.

  • Pray for the women we serve, the families, and others affected by the sex industry, for the spiritual well-being of all those involved in the ministry, and for the global issues of sex slavery.
  • The team will gather on the night of the outreach and pray before and during the outreach.
  • Each member is committed to pray weekly and will be available to pray when requests are received from individuals who contact the ministry.
  • Application and training required.
  • Please contact Sara Babler –

Organize: Create fundraising events and opportunities.

  • Create opportunities to share Cord of Hope with the Tucson community to enhance awareness and support.
  • Gift bag assembly, shopping for and organizing the gifts and items we give during the outreach and for women who contact the ministry.
  • Prepare the gifts for the outreach.
  • Please contact Tia Edwards –

Outreach: Build trusting and non-judgmental relationships with women working in the sex industry by connecting with them in their work environment (this environment may vary).

  • Visit adult entertainment establishments offering gifts to the women and those who are working at the establishment.
  • Women only.
  • Application, training and recommendation letter required.
  • Please contact or

Discipleship Partners: Connecting women and girls to committed relationships with Godly, concerned, appropriate and mature adult women.

  • Encourage and build long term relationships with women and girls working in the sex industry or seeking to exit the sex industry.
  • Connect women working in or seeking to exit the sex industry with existing local and national organizations to further encourage healing and restoration.
  • Guide and assist women and girls working in the sex industry with educational needs, life skills development and career building opportunities.
  • Assist women during their transition from the adult entertainment industry.
  • Application, training and recommendation letter required.
  • Please contact

Sex Trafficking Awareness: In developmental stage.

  • Educate yourself and become aware of local and global sex trafficking issues.
  • Volunteer with established organizations in our community who are bringing awareness and are dedicated to combat this issue.
  • Please contact

To arrange a gift donation or to become a team member
Contact Angel.